Sisters of Sass was created with strong  and sassy women in mind. It is a collection of humorous writings and illustrations that are witty and wild. The idea was the brainstorm of Stacy Peterson and her friend Terri Apostolo one evening over margaritas. Selecting the cougar and the fox as our mascots so women can identify with being divorced or still single and foxy.  We put together a fun collection of greeting cards, whimsical sayings for products and coasters. We are excited to find a manufacturer interested in helping to launch this new sassy collection. Contact Stacy Peterson if you are interested in working with us!


Stacy Peterson is an illustrator living outside of Austin, Texas who doodles and draws all the time.

Terri Apostolo is living in Odessa, Texas and loves to make people laughwith her quick wit.



These are created specifically for  magnets, plaques and mugs. We can customize borders and help further design your product - just let us know how we can help!




Greeting Cards:

We've designed a collection in a number of categories. Each card has a border with detailed icons to add a little more whimsy.




Holiday Coasters:

Wouldn't this collection work beautifully on napkins and coasters or even wall art? Give us a call and we will be happy to work with you!