Life is Beautiful

Driving along a winding road while on a summer vacation, I came across a large tree - right in the middle of the road.  The road had literally been paved around the tree. Old and large with dozens of bicyle reflectors nailed to its trunk - gashed by confrontations with passing motorists - yet, there it was - firmly rooted with the sunlight dappled through its leaves. Proud and unmoving. I was charmed. Newly divorced and with two children yet to raise, this tree spoke to me. We all go through tough times but the important thing is  we come out stronger, wiser and humbled. And over the course of the vacation with my two young children, I fell for the charm of this little town in the Texas Hill Country. Four years later, we moved to that little town. Wimberley is located in the middle of the hill country.

Exploring new places with my two children - one a pre teen and the other still young and loving of an adventure.

Quirky and seemingly frozen in time,

We have been here four years now and one of my children is now in college.

Over the years, I have had many lives it seems. And I have learned that life is really all about the simple things. Not the grandious - it’s the tiny little moments that bring me true joy. A handwritten note from a child, a sweet smile from a teenager, grace from another when you were wrong. Its these fleeting moments that are oh so easy to miss. Yet the feelings, looks, moments make up our daily lifes.

My hope is to capture and create the simple things/moments  inspire others to see beauty in the everyday.

At an early age I discovered my gift and by sharing it , I give it away.

Joy is in giving rather than taking.


Stacy Peterson spent part of her childhood sketching along the mossy banks of Storm Lake, Iowa before wanderlust led her to the sunny coast and desert plains of Texas.

She began her career as an art director in a Houston advertising agency which eventually landed her in New York City. Longing to be more creative, she became a freelance illustrator and since then has illustrated dozens of children’s books, toys and crafts.

Stacy still enjoys roaming, but stays closer to the Texas Hill Country home she shares with her children. There, along a winding creek dancing with fireflies, she finds inspiration for her art.


Brand Purpose

I wish to inspire others to see beauty in the everyday.


Brand Values

Small gestures bring great rewards when helping others.


Brand positioning

pretty playful prints & patterns